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50010  Christie, Agatha. And Then There Were None. New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1945. Edition unknown, 264 pages. This edition is from the "Film Classics Library" and is illustrated with stills from the Rene Clair film starring Barry Fitzgerald. Good condition but no dust jacket, edges worn but otherwise in good shape for its age. $10.00

50015  Connelly, Michael. The Narrows. New York: Little, Brown, 2004. First edition in paperback, 406 pages. A sequel to The Poet featuring the detective Hieronymus (Harry) Bosch, the FBI, and a rather shadowy serial killer. Probably not Connelly's best book, but has some amusing comments on the movie version of Connelly's novel Blood Work. Good condition, some edge wear. $5.00

50017  Davis, Lindsey. Ode to a Banker. New York: Mysterious Press, 2002. 2nd printing, 372 pages. One of the Didius Falco mysteries; this one focuses on a publisher murdered by—one of his authors? His present or first wife? His son? Not too much gore, and some humor. Trade paperback, in good condition. $2.00

50019  Dobyns, Stephen. Boy in the Water. New York: Henry Holt, 1999. First edition, 406 pages. A mystery novel by a poet who is perhaps best known for his mysteries series set in Saratoga. This one is not part of that series. Instead, this novel is set in a grim New England private school, during a particularly dark and snowy winter. Pretty dark overall, but well-written. Good condition in a good dust jacket, inside back cover is marred by a green-pencilled $2.00 notation—not what I paid for this volume, and not what I'm charging. $7.50

50020  Downing, Todd. Murder on the Tropic. Garden City, NJ: Sundial Press, 1935. Edition unknown, 277 pages. This is a "Sundial Mystery." The novel is set partly in Mexico, and is the third in a series about Hugh Rennert, a custom's agent for the US Treasury. 126 postcards (alas, not illustrated) figure in the plot. Good condition, but no dust jacket; top and bottom of the spine show age, and the orange-yellow cover is a bit smudged, but a very readable copy and a nice addition to any collection of US mystery novels. $10.00

50030  Doyle, A. Conan. Tales of Sherlock Holmes. New York: Little Leather Library, n.d. Edition unknown, 96 pages. One of the Redcroft Edition volumes. Two short stories ("A Case of Identity" and "A Scandal in Bohemia") bound together in this small (3.25" wide, 4" high) booklet. Green leather cover with red tones and embossed cover and spine. Nice item for any collector of Holmesiana. Some wear, including slight turning on the lower right corners of the binding, and some extra wear to the back; also, expected browning of the acidic pages, but still a nice copy. $9.50

50031  Gruber, Frank. The Laughing Fox . Cleveland, OH: World Publishing Company, 1943. First edition, 314 pages. This is a copy of the first printing in the Tower Books edition, but the novel was first published in 1940 by Farrar and Rinehart. Gruber was a prolific writer of pulp fiction for magazines and also wrote over 60 novels. This early mystery novel (Gruber's second) features Johnny Fletcher and Sam Cragg, traveling con men who used book sales as a cover. This novel is set at a Midwest Cattle Conference, but focuses on silver foxes and those who breed them. No dust jacket, and the spine is beginning to show its age, with separation beginning on the inside back cover. But this is a good copy considering the poor quality materials used during the war years. $5.00

50032  Gruber, Frank. The Leather Duke. New York: Rinehart & Company, 1949. Edition unknown, 247 pages. This is a volume in Rinehart's Murray Hill Mystery series. Also known as A Job of Murder, this is a later episode in the lives of Johnny Fletcher and Sam Cragg, Gruber's traveling con men who consistently find themselves embroiled in murder. This novel is set in Chicago. No dust jacket, some wear to the spine, including a chip at the bottom, but good condition for a fairly rare title. $10.00

50033  Gruber, Frank. The Lock and Key. New York: Rinehart & Company, 1948. Edition unknown, 180 pages. This is a volume in Rinehart's Murray Hill Mystery series. The setting is California and involves locksmithing skills. Also published as Run Thief Run and Too Tough to Die, the book was compelling enough to attract the attention of the movie industry, and was filmed as "Man in the Vault" in 1956 with a part for Anita Ekberg. No dust jacket, but this is a nice, clean and tight copy, with just some remnants of something that had been pasted down in the front. May be ex-library: there is an "M" in white ink on the lower part of the spine. $10.00

50034  Gruber, Frank. The Lonesome Badger. New York: Rinehart & Company, 1954. Edition unknown, 250 pages. This is a volume in Rinehart's Murray Hill Mystery series. The novel is set in Los Angeles (but with a number of references to Iowa!) and is the third of Gruber's novels to feature the private detective Otis Beagle. Dust jacket has been taped and covered with plastic at some point in its life; the book is from a rental lending library, but is in better condition than might be expected from such use. $7.50

50035  Holding, Elisabeth Sanxay. Two Novels of Suspense (The Innocent Mrs. Duff and The Blank Wall). New York: Quality PaperBack Book Club, 2002. First edition in this format, 231 pages. Two classic mysteries. The Blank Wall has been the basis for two movies, first in 1949, as "The Reckless Moment," more recently in 2001 as "The Deep End." Holding was admired by Raymond Chandler, and these two stories are interesting examples of the hard-boiled genre with a woman's touch. Paperback in very good condition. $7.50

50037  Hutchings, Janet, ed. Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, September/October 2000. New York: Dell Magazines, 2000. First edition, 240 pages. "Double Issue" with 15 stories, reviews, and even poetry. Authors include Lawrence Block, Peter Turnbull, and Dorothy Salisbury Davis. Perfect-bound, newsprint that is beginning to age, but overall in very good condition. $3.50

50040  Lippman, Laura. In A Strange City. New York: Wm. Morrow, 2001. First edition, 310 pages. This mystery by Edgar Award winner Lippman is set in Baltimore, and has a biblio-connected plotline that includes activities around the grave of Edgar Allen Poe. Book itself is in very good condition; the dust jacket is only in good condition, price-clipped and with some visible wear in the dark background, and the beginning of some bending to the top front. $15.00

50045  Minichino, Camille. The Boric Acid Murder. New York: St Martin's Press, 2002. First edition, first printing, 262 pages. Fifth in a series based on the Periodic Table of elements. Series features a female sleuth who is a retired Italian-American physicist; this novel is set in Massachusetts. Very good condition in a very good dust jacket. $15.00

50050  Mosley, Walter. Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned. New York: W.W. Norton, 1997. First edition, first printing, 208 pages. Mosley may be the one of the best mystery novelists of the late 20th century. This book of stories about Socrates Fortlow will undoubtedly become a classic. A must for any collector of mystery fiction. Very good to excellent condition in a very good dust jacket, showing only the most minor of shelf wear. $10.00

50075  Truman, Margaret. Murder in Havana. New York: Random House, 2001. Edition unknown, 286 pages. This is one of Truman's "Capital Crimes" novels, although it takes place primarily away from D.C. While there is a mystery, this is also a suspense thriller with a lot of action and an ex-CIA hero with a full panoply of Bourne-like skills. $2.50

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