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80001  Anonymous, Camp de Mourmelon. France: Librarie Militaire Guerin, no date. Edition unknown, 11 pages. This is a booklet of 10 postal cards and a map of the camp. Text is in French. Good condition, though there is some evidence of a water or other stain to the map page. From the pictures and captions, I suspect this dates from the period between the two world wars. $15.00

80002  Anonymous, Home Energy Efficiency. Chicago, IL: Commonwealth Edison, 1991. Edition unknown, 20 pages. This booklet includes 101 ways to conserve energy. Many of them still useful. Saddle stapled booklet made to be mailed, but this one has no addressee. Very good condition. $5.00

80003  Anonymous, Iowa 2008 Pre-Caucus Collection. Various Publishers: 2007, 2008. First edition, 52 pages total. A collection (page number approximate) of 10 mailings from the Obama campaign, including a 16-page 8.5"x11" booklet and a smaller booklet that includes a DVD. Also three different oversized postcards in support of the Biden-Gelb plan for Iraq and an oversized postcard from the McCain campaign. All items still have the Iowa addresses to which they were mailed. All materials are in very good condition. $50.00

80004  Anonymous, Wine Tips: 101 Things You Should Know About. California: American Cellars Wine Club, nd. Edition unknown, 10 pages. A single sheet of coated stock, folded to create 10 pages of tips and facts. Fine condition. $2.50

80005  Anonymous, Keebler Foods Company 1999 Annual Report. Elmhurst, IL: Keebler Foods Company, 1999. First edition, 70 pages. This is the first (and only, I believe) annual report of Keebler Foods as an independent, publicly-traded company. It is spiral bound, with lots of color illustrations; the front cover is embossed in a treebark design. Excellent condition. $15.00

80006  Anonymous, Wonderful Wisconsin. Park Falls, WI: Wisconsin Vacationland, 1959. Edition unknown, 260 pages. A time capsule of the late 1950s, filled with ads and information, including fishing regulations and an A-Z list of why Wisconsin is your best vacation buy. Good condition, some aging evident inside and on the covers. $5.00

80007  Anonymous, Quiz Jr. Railroad Questions and Answers. Washington, DC: Association of American Railroads, no date, probably mid-1950s. Edition unknown, 16 pages. One hundred questions and answers, for use in schools. Illustrated with many small red and blue line drawings. Very good condition, staple bound with no rust or wear, small water stain on the inside front cover. $7.00

80008  Anonymous, Chocolate Town Classics. Hershey, PA: Hershey Chocolate Corporation, 1967. Edition unknown, single folded sheet. Cute little folder of recipes that use Hershey's Semi-Sweet "Dainties." Just 4 1/2" by 2 5/8" wide when folded. Nine recipes and an illustration of Marshmal-O Fudge. Good condition, very slight staining on the front right upper corner. $2.50

80009  Anonymous, Bulletin of the Art Institute of Chicago, Nov-Dec 1974 (Vol. 68, no. 6). Chicago: The Art Institute of Chicago, 1974. First edition, 16 pages. Saddle-stapled heavy stock pages with many illustrations. This issue has articles on "Three New England Watercolor Painters" and "Three Nepalese Miniatures" and a color illustration of the Marc Chagall mosaic "Four Seasons" that was given to the city by the artist in that year. Excellent condition. $7.50

80011  Anonymous, The Freedom Collection. Chicago: D.S.S.M.A., 1966?. Edition unknown, 12 pages. Oversized, saddle-stitched booklet collection of documents, suitable for classroom walls perhaps (printed only on one side). Includes the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution (without amendments), the Bill of Rights, the Monroe Doctrine, the Gettysburg Address, the Star Spangled Banner, and the Pledge of Allegiance in a variety of typefaces. Back cover has a full-color reprint of "The Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge American Credo". Excellent condition. $5.00

80020  Bennett, M.R., Old Glory: The Story of Our Flag. Largo, FL: Snibbe Books, 1984. Sixth edition, 80 pages. Softcover booklet, 5 1/4" high, 3 3/4" wide with a quiz, lots of lists (flags on stamps, etc) and miscellaneous facts about the US national flag. This was a give-away from the Greyhound Lines Bus Company, and includes that logo. Very good condition, just a little discoloration on the white areas of the cover. $5.00

80025  Bock, Kay, Favorite Son: Learning about Lincoln at Illinois. Champaign, IL: University of Illinois Foundation, 1999. First edition, unpaginated. Souvenir Program of the 1999 Annual Meeting of the University of Illinois Foundation. Contains a pullout booklet, with a nice Lincoln photograph reproduction, about the University's Lincoln collection. Very nice item, in excellent condition, bound in brown papers with a ribbon closure. $50.00

80026  Brill, Stephen, ed. Brill's Content, Volume 1, No. 1, July-August 1998. New York: Brill Media Ventures, 1998. First edition, 2nd printing, 152 pages. Includes a separately bound copy of the 19-page letter to Brill from Kenneth Starr complaining about the publication of "Pressgate" in the first issue, which was so over-subscribed that Brill went back to press to fill all the advance orders. Also includes essays by Calvin Trillin and the actor George Clooney, and much, much more. A real time capsule of a turbulent period. Very good condition. $20.00

80027  Brill, Stephen, ed. Brill's Content, Volume 1, No. 2, September 1998. New York: Brill Media Ventures, 1998. First edition, 148 pages. This issue includes a long discussion of the first issue by the magazine's ombudsperson, and a long letter from Kenneth Starr complaining about the publication of "Pressgate" in the first issue. Also includes a critical profile of Bill Gates, essays by Calvin Trillin and James Cramer, a profile of Ira Glass, and much, much more. A real time capsule of a turbulent period. Good condition, with a little wear to the spine and some mailing label remnants on the front cover. $10.00

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