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Selection Criteria  FolioDeux is not a vanity or collaborative publisher, but may publish limited edition trade books and postcards. We are not currently seeking manuscripts or queries for full-length books, but we will accept submissions for Briefest Lives and The Cornucopia (see below).

Forthcoming from FolioDeux

  • Briefest Lives: An Anthology and History of the Clerihew.

  • The Cornucopia: Poetry and Recipes. A collection of poetry and recipes for fruits and vegetables, illustrated with photographs.

  • 366 Great Movies. This perpetual calendar will include suggestions for every taste.

  • 366 Great Books. Another perpetual calendar, this one with books to read and to keep.

FolioDeux Postcards We may also publish limited edition postcards.

Submissions FolioDeux will consider submissions of clerihews for Briefest Lives, and of poetry and recipes for The Cornucopia. Only submissions including an SASE and received by surface mail will be considered. Send submissions to: FolioDeux, P.O. Box 10051, Iowa City, Iowa 52240, USA.

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