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New Year’s Resolutions

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Around here, we don’t expect New Year’s Resolutions to be ready on January 1, even though most of FD’s resolutions are the same, year after year.  There is one new resolution, which will be active all spring — every day FD will be emailing a friend who is teaching this semester in the Department of Media and Communication at the City University of Hong Kong.

Other resolutions?  As noted, they are the same as last year and the year before:  1) Always carry a shopping bag and try not to take bags in stores; and 2) try to discard, donate, or otherwise reduce the accumulated “stuff” of life by one thing every day.  (Alas, FD often adds to said accumulation by more than one thing a day. Still, one can make the attempt!)  FD hasn’t decided whether to try to resolve to write more blog posts or twitter tweets.