Long Time, No Posts

Alas, FD has not been writing posts for the FD Blog.  Regular tweets for the FD Twitter page, yes, but no recent posts here.  That’s not because FD hasn’t been reading! On the contrary, FD has been reading A LOT this summer, both fiction and nonfiction.  

For example:  The Knitting Goddess by Deborah Bergman was a find at a local used book store.  FD is not a “new ager” by any means, but the Greek myths were an early love, and Bergman’s book was fun.  In it, she retells some of these (and stories from other mythologies) while connecting them to possible knitting projects.  The book does make one want to knit, and FD has been doing that, too.  FD is almost done with a baby blanket that will be sent off to the Patternwork’s Challenge Contest (here’s a link to last year’s contest) and donated to some newborn.  When that’s done, FD will turn to knitting a self-striping sweater in brown tweeds, perfect for early fall, if it gets done in time!  The self-striping should help, it will be very simple knitting and shaping, probably a V-Neck cardigan.

And there was Clive James, Cultural Amnesia. That was a big project, but generally interesting.  The short biographical essays were perfect for nights when a little insomnia struck, and FD was looking for something to read for just a little while, until sleep was persuaded to return.

But the main summer reading project was the Wexford mysteries by Ruth Rendell.  FD is almost finished with the last in the series, The Vault. There are many television episodes based on the series, but just as FD doesn’t want to read a novelization of the Luther television series, FD is not anxious to see what some casting director decided Wexford and Burton looked like.  Instead, FD plans to “come back” to the US and read the Longmire series of mysteries.

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