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FolioDeux, PO Box 10051, Iowa City, IA 52240

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FolioDeux is mad about words, especially words in print. Established in 2003, FolioDeux draws on a collective 50+ years of publishing and editing experience. The website and our sales and publishing activities are ways for us to share our love for reading and writing in traditional formats and in newer modes.

The FolioDeux bookstore offers academic and popular books from the last 100 years, via ABEbooks.com. In addition to ABE-listed titles, we have a large collection of small press journals, especially from the midwest. Tell us what you're searching for—perhaps we can help.

We also sell and trade postcards and other ephemera. Please browse our lists and let us know what you find interesting, and what you're looking for.

From our Commonplace Book
a suggestion from Elaine Equi's poem "The Sensuous Reader" (The Cloud of Knowable Things. Minneapolis: Coffee House P, 2003):

The Silent Partner:
For one whole day
carry a book everywhere—
but never open it.

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Visit the FolioDeux Storefront at ABEbooks.com

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