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One Book Wonder

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

FD is reading an interesting book, Cain’s Version (published in 2008 by the small press imprint, Iroquois Press of Turner Publishing . This is the only novel by Frank Durham, who for many years worked as a physics professor at Tulane University.  So far, FD is enjoying the novel, which is an ambitious effort.  First, it combines a kind of magical realism narrative thread about the character Cain, the world’s first murderer according to Genesis.  Then, the protagonist of the more realistic narrative in the novel is a woman, as are several important subsidiary characters. It is of course not unusual for a male author to focus on a female character, but few male authors are Flaubert.  Finally, there’s a child who may be autistic, or developmentally challenged.  FD generally gravitates toward women authors, dislikes children, and is an atheist.

But FD is enjoying this book.  The idea that everyone has “one book in them” is undoubtedly a myth, and in Frank Durham’s case perhaps there would have been many more good books if he had lived long enough to write them.

FD found a copy at her local library, while skimming the fiction shelves.  Your library may also have a copy, and others are available from Turner Publishing and used books stores on-line.