Thinking Ahead to the New Year

FD loves New Year’s Resolutions.  Some people might associate New Year’s Resolutions with unpleasant recognitions that one must diet, exercise more, spend less.  But FD sees the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions as an opportunity to underscore the need to do fun things and have more pleasure in life.

So, for 2011, FD is thinking of adopting the following New Year’s Resolutions:

1)  As in earlier years, always have a shopping bag available.  That way, if an impulse to purchase something hits, FD will have a bag and will not need to accept one from the merchant.  FD dislikes having to figure out if there’s a way to recyle or reuse bags that accumulate from shopping.  Also, FD likes to shop locally and help local small businesses, and providing a bag is also a way to reduce the merchant’s costs.

2)  Like last year, FD is hoping to discard/donate/repurpose at least one item every day.  FD wasn’t able to fully achieve this resolution in 2010, but every item that was discarded, donated, or repurposed help to either make room for something wonderful and new or to simplify and uncomplicate FD’s life.  Lots of satisfaction and pleasure from that.

3)  A new resolution for 2011 is to write a mailable letter every day.  FD’s way to support the post office and to keep in warm touch with friends.  Sure, phones and email etc exist.  But letters are special.  Also, FD loves to make homemade envelopes, and wants to use them, not just make them.

4) FD has the beginnings of four mystery novels.  FD likes the plot development, character development aspects.  What FD isn’t so fond of is actually writing.  But, FD is sure that small writing stints will result in some progress, so for 2011, FD hopes to write just a few hundred words a day.  If nothing else, guilt about those unfinished projects will be reduced.

So, no resolutions to reduce chocolate consumption or increase exercise. Just a few easy and fun habits.

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