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10352  Harnett, Gerald, ed. Hellas: A Journal of Poetry and the Humanities, Vol 5, No. 1, Spring/Summer 1994. Glenside, PA: The Aldine Press, 1994. First edition, 158 pages. This issue's theme is "The Newest Classicism." Lots of poetry, including poems by Delores Hayden and Joseph Salemi, and essays, including Rachel Hadas on translating Baudelaire. Good condition, slight damage to spine edge of the lower front. $8.00

10354  Eden, Kathy and Steven Shankman, eds. Hellas: A Journal of Poetry and the Humanities, Vol 7, No. 2, Fall/Winter 1996. Glenside, PA: The Aldine Press, 1996. First edition, 251 pages. A special issue, with guest editors, in honor of Wesley Trimpi, a scholar of the Renaissance and ancient literature. Includes some poetry and a number of essays, including discussions of Pindar, Horatian lyric, Wyatt, Fluke Greville, Milton, Coleridge, and more. Very good condition. $8.50

10400  McKinnon, Andrea and McKinnon, Patrick, eds. Poetry Motel 9. Duluth, MN: Suburban Wilderness Press, 1987. First edition, 43 pages. This is a 'zine-like collection of poetry, prose, and images. Work by a number of small press stalwarts, including Hugh Fox, Todd Moore, and John M. Bennett. Good to very good condition. Stamps and mailing address on the back cover. $5.00

10401  McKinnon, Patrick, ed. Poetry Motel 18. Duluth, MN: Suburban Wilderness Press, 1992. First edition, 49 pages. This issue includes work by 27 writers and artists, including Hugh Fox, Todd Moore, and Sylvia Manning. The cover is recycled wallpaper with a hand-done rune on the front. Very good condition. $7.50

10402  McKinnon, Patrick, ed. Poetry Motel 20. Duluth, MN: Suburban Wilderness Press, 1994. First edition, 49 pages. Work by 26 writers and artists. Every page illustrated in some way. Includes "Poetry Motel Wall Paper #42," a folded sheet with an illustrated poem. Cover is recycled wallpaper with hand-painted "20" in green. Very good condition. $7.50

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